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Zoe Georgaras is a Canadian Actor who trained in Paris at Ecole Phillipe Gaulier. Find her latest feature, the seductive horror Necropolis: Legion on Amazon Prime. Zoe also played Ruth Rodriguez in TV series The Unforgotten (Crispin Reece/ Cream Productions Inc. / Raw TV Limited) and was a voice in Time Troopers starring John Cleese. Select Film credits include Feature Film A Christmas Village (Justin Dyck, Brain Power Studio Inc.) Feature Film Rumi's Ocean of Oneness (Kai Kazi/ KaiKazi Dark Stories), and shorts Quiet Room Bears (Lee Howard / Sean Ward Shows Inc.), Project G.O.D. (Zahir Khan/ Guerrilla Productions) for which she received two nominations for Best Lead Actress at the 48 Hour Film Project 2018 at the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood, Sleep ( J. Bate-Vergette/ Zero Gravity), and Grounded (Martin Rodriguez/ Digi60 Filmmakers Festival).

Theatre credits include critically acclaimed Burn (Venetia Lawless/Gladstone Theatre) and three consecutive summers performing for Bear & Co.'s Shakespeare in the Park tours as Juliet in Romeo & Juliet (2017), The Witch, King Duncan & The Porter in Macbeth (2016) and Aerial in The Tempest (2015). 

Zoe is also an accomplished Fire Dancer and Producer. With her alias Zola Molotov, Zoe produced, co-wrote and performed The Red Shoes (Ottawa Fringe, 2016), choreographed solo show The Burning Place (Remic Rapids, 2016) and performed Experimental Theatre at numerous festivals and events including Ignite 150, Capital Fair, Carmagnole, The BoobyBall, ShazamFest, Open Mind and BAWI International. Throught Dispatch Talent Agency, Zola performs at all the major and minor Holidays because people have the right to be mesmerized. Zola Molotov is a Fire Witch that also gives back to the community, raising money for the victims of tragic wildfires that devastate lands and communities.

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