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That Time On Set When I laughed My Ass Off

Without giving away any confidential information about this particular commercial I was in a while back I will say this: A simulated "Girls Night In" turned out to be a real hell of a night. Like the majority of commercials out there, me and the other pretty ladies were hired to sell this product, and we were directed to joke around and look like we we're having a gay ole time. Well... film sets are where magic happens and I love every moment of being on set even when I'm just sitting around waiting for my scene. But sets can also be totally synthetic places and it takes work and imagination to get yourself into the atmosphere.

Me innocently waiting for my queu... ;)

Luckily for us the Director offered music (which they were going to dub over in post anyway) and someone put on Drake. So we were dancing and stopping and dancing and stopping cause the Director called the shots. After a couple songs though, we were fully in method acting and really having a time. We were silly, hyper and loving our beautiful home decor, dolled up outfits and freshly manicured hands. Picture a couple "mom types" away from the young kids for an evening.

At some point during the shoot the crew were analyzing some shots, fixing lights, placing props, etc when the youtube playlist went askew and started playing Big Sean "So Good" with lyrics and I quote "If I could quit my job and f*** you all day I would" a lyric which played on repeat throughout what seemed like a never ending song. It was the best, most inappropriate song to come on at that moment and we danced around with a mischievous twinkle in our eyes wondering whether or not the crew would catch on to this sudden change of tune.


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