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Booking that Movie After EFT Tapping

When coffee isn't enough to get me up in the morning, I tap. When I wanna kill it at an audition in the afternoon, I tap. And when I need to forget the pain of heartache at night, I tap.

So what's this tapping thang?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) is a healing method to help humans work through emotional blockages. EFT is verbalizing the issue you would like to solve while repeatedly tapping with two fingers the pressure points of our body associated with the Chinese Meridian System. By stimulating the energy circuits of our body ,like acupuncture without the needles, and vocalizing our specific problems, we begin to transform our negative feelings into positive affirmations. In time this can help us manifest our biggest goals.

I suggest looking up Brad Yates on youtube and just try tapping along. It'll feel good.

And now the title story. This winter I was working for a Film Festival as a Guest Liaison at Pearson Airport and I was spending my days waiting for the arrival of Directors and VIP's. One morning before my shift I followed along to one of Brad Yates' youtube videos titled "Allowing Miracles".

Up until then getting a role in a feature film seemed miraculous, in other words, outside of the norm and impossible. Even though I had been in a feature before it still seemed out of reach, and therefore miraculous. So I tap for it. What tapping for miracles made me understand is that the extent of which I don't have things in my life, is the extent to which I am resisting them. We must allow miracles because pretty much anything you want, has happened to someone else. So it's not impossible.

That day after tapping I got a call from my agent to inform me that I got a role in a feature film shooting the following week. My audition had been weeks before and she had to remind me what it was for! *Side note* My characters was an Airport Personnel and so there I was, smile as wide as the Atlantic, sitting in Pearson and about to take off for an adventure of my own.

Serendipity and bliss.

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