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Operation P.M.S From Outer Space

There's a new play in town (*cough* I have the best role). Written by Lisa Meuser and directed by Mladen Obradovic, this cosmic piece of farcical literature is going to either send your best nerves down to your southern regions with the sweetest delight, or make you hate men from all around the Universe. Either way, smuggle in some of your favourite chocolate- but don't get caught from the female actors- and join us early November at The Commons on College St. (details below)

The Plot:

When a couple of average, 6 out of 10, male aliens with not much game land on Planet Earth and involuntarily send a female passerby into ecstatic orgasm, one of the mischievous foreigners devises a plan to conquer the world without the use of guns and physical domination but with something much more... intimate.

Will the women of the world succumb to the f***boy intruders from a Galaxy far far away? Will the extra terrestrials take over the spinning ball known as Earth once and for all? And what the hell do cow farts have to do with this anyway?

Join us November 1,2,3,4 at 8 pm at The Commons at 587a College Street. There are also two Matinees at 2 pm on November 3rd and 4th for your wee ones (just kidding, don't bring your wee ones).

Tickets on Sale at:

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