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February 11, 2019

R O M E O & J U L I E T

Media: Actor Zoe Georgaras and Phillip Merriman talk love


T H E   T E M P E S T

ReviewHell is Empty and all the Devil's are Here.


The highlights for me were Zoe Georgaras as Ariel and Hannah Leigh Ehman as Miranda and Gonzalo. Georgaras (also known as fire dancer Zola Molotov) was everything your Shakespearean impish fairy should be: simultaneously cute and alluring, playful but a little dark, and able to scamper hither and thither without necessarily seeming to touch the ground. Throw in a little flaming poi, and I'm sold. Unfortunately for some of her fellow actors, she's so magnetic that it's sometimes hard not to look at her even when she's just hovering in the background, but some awesomeness just can't be contained.




M A C B E T H 

Review: Fair is Foul and Four is Fair...


Zoe Georgaras gave all the drunken swaggering naughtiness of Seyton the porter, before effortlessly switching to a weird and surreal witch. In fact, all three witches gave an incredibly strange and compelling performance and then manifested into masculine roles with total believability.




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February 11, 2019

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